Christian Hill Publishing
FAQFrequently Asked Questions...

"Can I submit music to be published on your site?"
Unfortunately, I'm not set up to handle other composers' music right now,
so please don't send me any music. (For copyright reasons I can't even
look at it.) But you can certainly publish your own site. If I can do it, anyone
can! (Computers and I get along like oil and water. I'm pretty sure I can
hear my computer laughing at me every time I boot it up. And every
tech-support guy in America knows me by my first name.) Your own ISP
may even include the tools to build and publish a free web site.

"What do you use for music notation software?"
I use Finale. It's the only notation software I've used, so I'm not qualified to
make  comparisons to other software. Initially, it has a steep learning curve
- especially for a computer-challenged dinosaur like me. But once I got the
hang of it I found that it can do everything I need fairly easily. You can get
more info about Finale at:

"What's with the name 'Christian Hill'?"
In the late 19th century, the town I live in had nicknames for its various
neighborhoods. There was "Swedeville", "Germantown", "Cork", "The Flats",
"Skunk Hollow", etc.  Our house is adjacent to what was called the
"Christian Hill"  neighborhood. Besides the historical significance, it
seemed a most appropriate name under which to publish Christian music.
(Good thing we don't live in the Skunk Hollow neighborhood!!)