As We Gather
CCLI #4321086
As We Gather gently calls us to come and worship together in His presence. It
reminds us to be as one in the Lord as we gather in His name.
It's a perfect way to open a worship service.

Jesus the Lord Is My Light
An enthusiastic and energetic chorus inspired by Psalm 27, this song
reflects the confidence we have in Jesus as our light and as our very salvation.

Sing a New Song
An upbeat song that echoes the Psalmist's exhortation to
"Sing to the Lord a new song."

Praise the Lord, Alleluia!
A rousing way to open a service. You can almost hear
the angels singing along!

The Mizpah Benediction
CCLI #4321457
Taken directly from Genesis 31:49,
The Mizpah Benediction asks God to
watch over us while we are absent from one another. It's a fitting close to any
worship service or other gathering.

Come Now, Lord
CCLI # 4321378
Come Now, Lord is a spirited chorus to be sung with joyful anticipation.
It implores God to come in all His power and glory as every knee bends
before Him. It can be used as a lively way to call God into our worship
service or as a means of looking forward to Christ's triumphant return.

May this Bread Make Us One
CCLI #4321419
As a meditation during communion,
May this Bread Make Us One
expresses the hope that with the sharing of the bread and the cup
we will become one - one with each other and one with the Lord.

Listen to My Prayer, Lord
(Prayer response)
CCLI #4464462
Based on Psalm 61,
Listen to My Prayer, Lord is especially effective for
choir or congregation to sing following a congregational or pastoral prayer.
Praise the Lord! (Psalm 148)
CCLI #4486567
Praise the Lord! the words of Psalm 148 are infused with a joyous,
old-time gospel feel. It's a happy celebration of praise that's fun to sing.
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CCLI report.
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